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Website management is the process of analyzing the activities taking place on your website and adjusting your resource usage to attain your web objectives. This is the most critical factor in determining the success of your website. It is an active process in that once your site is created and launched, visitors may or may not come or they don't do what you expect then to do. Management involves monitoring visitor activities, analyzing the statistical data that their activities generate and making any necessary changes to effect the outcome you want.

It is also a proactive process in that many scenarios should already be anticipated at roll-out and contingency plans should already have been developed. This proactive management methodology should be an ongoing activity.

The level of website management required varies greatly with the content of your site. Typically, the simpler you site, the less management is required. Also it varies greatly with the degree of user interaction available on your site. For example ecommerce sites usually require more management resources than more static sites.

The webmaster usually manages the technical aspects of administering the website. She may work closely with a business manager to help achieves the goals of the website. The webmaster will help manage web resource usage such as bandwidth, storage space, email accounts, and databases. She also will be in charge of backups and restores, web statistics reporting and web analytics. She may share Search Engine Optimization(SEO) duties with a business manager. It may also be her duty to monitor the uptime status of the website and assist in short and long term planning for the website.

Roderick Designs can assist you in managing your website as a consultant or in a more hands-on role as a technical support provider. We can design a custom management plan to fit your needs.

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