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There are many important factors to consider in choosing a domain name. The most important is availability. Many of the most popular and most desirable domain names have already been taken. There is also an industry where companies buy, sell and trade domain names for less than $100 to six or even seven figures. These factors make it all the more difficult to get the right domain name and to protect if from others trying to capitalize on your domain name. There are even those who will register a misspelling of your domain name in an attempt to capture traffic intended for your site.

Another fact to consider is the level of privacy regarding your registration information. When you register your domain in the standard, that information is put in a whois database. That database is searchable by the public, which could include spammers, hackers, or who knows. Alternatively you can have a private registration where a company acts as a go between with the whois database and the public. If some one searches for your domain, the private company's info is displayed. However, is some one wants to contact you, the private company will forward that message to you with out giving up your email address on file.

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