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Basically, the development process is when the website design is actually implemented in code. It involves deciding what tools and technologies to accomplish not only the design goals but the overall functionality of the website.

Roderick Designs supports technologies based on the LAMP development model ( Linux operating system, Apache web servers, MySQL database and PHP server-side scripting). We also support open source software which allows us to pass savings in software costs on to our customers.

At the highest level of the development process we assess the jobs that need to be accomplished on the website to achieve the overall goals of the website. This is the "ways and means" process. We determine the ways we want to go and the means to get there. At the next level down we decide what tools and technologies to use. At the lowest level we code the site and integrate all the components necessary to make the site cohesive and functional.

The backbone of the development path includes not only the core functionalities of your website but the expansion path for your site as it's size and scope scale into the future. The time to think about your website's expansion path is before you build your site, not after it is done.

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