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Website Descriptions

All of our websites feature high quality graphics and design using xhtml markup language and various web scripting languages. These websites are designed to provide information to your audience or customer base in a pleasing and effective manner.

One Page Business Card Website

A one page business card website is webspace with a certain domain name that presents basic contact and business info to viewers A regular business card is about 2.5" by 3.25". The basic business card website can be up to 11.5" wide by 17" tall.

We feature one page model websites as well as multi-page model sites with special marketing opportunities for the plus size model website.

A busines card website presents everything an interested party would need to contact you, find out more about you, get a good idea what you are about. Tell as little or as much as you like.

A one page business card website can be hosted here at for $12/year. You are still free to host your business card site anywhere.

Sample   One Page Business Card Website.


Four Page Basic Website.

Sample Four Page Comp Basic Website

Our four page website is big enough to present enough information to cover almost all facets of your personal or business online presence. It gives visitors the opportunity to get a great overview of what your site is about yet allows enough room so you can present a large quantity of info so they can drill down in information rich areas of your website.

One of the best features of owning a website is that you can make it all about you. With some of those shared sites there are competitors literally one click away from your website. When you hand out your website info, you want that person to find out info on you, not you and some of your closest competitors. A four page website will definitely make a statement about your professionalism and desire to stand out from the rest.



Basic Website Design Design Cost Hosting * Domain Name **
One Page Business Card Website $129.99 $12/yr $1.99 with design purchase
Four Page Website $349.99 $24/yr $1.99 with design purchase
Five or more pages by quote by quote $1.99 with design purchase
Major Upgrade or Re-Design by quote by quote $1.99 with design purchase

* when hosted with us (             ** when purchased with us (


Custom Websites

The custom websites offer the same high quality graphics and design. They also feature more interactive options that help engage your audience or customers. These options are a la carte so you get what you want and nothing you don't.

Audio demo
Video demo
Forms demo
Polls demo
Slide Shows demo
Blogs live



We offer ecommerce solutions featuring osCommerce software. We can install a new stand alone store or integrate it into an existing or brand new website.

A stand alone installation be under your domain name and that would be the entire website. For example, if you domain was, the store would be the only thing in that domain. In an intergated installation, it could be set up as a part of a new or existing website. In that case your menu may include:

Home  |  About Us  |  Store  |  Blog  |  Contact   

or something similar and the domain would still be In some website designs, the store where it's the first place visitors arrive and in other designs they will land on a page with options that is one click away from the store.

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