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The design process is where we help determine the aesthetic for your site. Whether your site will be brand new or a make-over, we will assist you in developing or enhancing the visual appeal of your site.

Another critical component of the design process is developing a navigation system that will allow visitors to find what they want as quickly as possible while exposing them to other areas of your site they may not be aware of. Besides being visitor friendly and fast, the navigation system should be search engine friendly as well.

Factors that help determine the design parameters are content, your visitor/customer requirements and our requirements.

  • It has been said that content is king. Your site should be designed around the type of content your site has. Whether you have an online store or use your site to market your self or provide visitors with information, your site will function best if it is designed around your content, even if it is multi-faceted.

  • Perhaps you have a particular theme that you want your site to have or certain colors you want your site to feature. We will try and accommodate your logo and any other graphics you may want on your site.

  • The only requirement we have is that our clients own the content or be licensed to use it. Also it should meet a minimum level of style criteria. Some clients have graphics and photos that may not meet technical standards. We prefer high resolution graphics and photos at least of stock quality. We do recognize that sometimes there are one-of-a-kind photos to which we would not object, even if they aren't high resolution or are deficient in some other way.

Most of the functionality of the website will be determined in the development stage. However, good design is the basis for a website that functions efficiently and makes the website development process easier.

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