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There are two major steps in the deployment of your website. The first is determining where your site will be hosted and the second is installing the website on the production web server.

The first question that you will have to answer is will you be hosting your site on your own premises or elsewhere. Wherever you are hosting you site, you must make provisions for security and uptime. If you are hosting on your own equipment at your location, we assume you have addressed those concerns and have expertise in operating and maintaining your web operations. This method is the most expensive yet provides you the most control.

If you chose to host your site to an external location, there are several options available. Those include a shared hosting , virtual private hosting, unmanaged hosting, managed hosting , and collocation hosting. We have more on available hosting options .

Prior to deployment we will need to make sure your choice it is a good fit for how you want your website to function .

Your website will be developed on one of our development servers. When development is complete and all contractual obligations have been met, we will deploy your site to the production server solution of your choice. We will test your site to make sure it is functioning correctly. For an additional charge we offer extensive"stress testing" of your server to help determine how your site- hardware and software- will respond for different levels of visitor demand.

Earlier we mentioned security and uptime. These two factors can negate all of your web presence efforts if not properly addressed and as with most things, you get what you pay for.

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